The Aprio Advisory

Leading culture with head and heart

November 3, 2021

This week we bring back Aprio’s Managing Partner and CEO, Richard Kopelman to round out our Culture series with a discussion on living The Aprio Way. The Aprio Way is a sequence of value-based fundamentals created to help the firm walk and talk its ideals through ongoing practice and discussion, conceptualized through the combination of technical expertise with a deep sense of caring for every challenge and opportunity. The name Aprio itself is a prime example of leading culture with head and heart as it was derived from the root words for “head” and “heart.” Richard was so passionate about this symbolism in fact that he even adopted the word “Aprio” as his second legal middle name, making him Richard Barry Aprio Kopelman. With fundamentals such as “practice blameless problem solving”, “be relentless about improvement” and “build meaningful relationships”, it is a consistent way for the team to hold themselves and each other accountable. Learn more now.

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